Washington Civil Defense

Supporting the People of the Columbia and Snake River Regions for a Safer Future.

5th Btn, 42nd FF Light Foot Southeastern Washington Civil Defense Group

Support Your Local Community, They'll support you!


 Welcome to the contact site for the Southeastern Washington Civil Defense group. Based in 5th Battalion (Benton Co.), 42nd Field Force Lightfoot region.

Authorized by the Washington State Constitution and the second amendment to the United States Constitution as "Unorganized Militia," we are officially a civilian volunteer organization. As such, we will carry out operations in absence of orders as dictated by necessity during a crisis.

All group personnel will conduct themselves with professionalism, integrity and the utmost respect for others at all times.

The group has a wide spectrum of missions, from disaster relief to terrorism prevention. Given that this group is primarily defensive and local in nature, it is natural that much of its resources should be aimed at bettering the communities from which it is derived.


You must be over the age of 18, never adjudicated mentally deficient, and not a member of a hate group to be eligible to volunteer. Racists, moral reprobates, socialists, communists, anarchists, & provocateurs are not welcome. We do not discriminate and welcome people of different races, creeds, gender, religions, et al, as long as they are US Citizens.


•Promoting the overthrow of any government whether local, state or national.
•We want our governments to return to the Constitutional Republic which the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution defined and instituted.
•We are not advocating or promoting violence towards any organization, group or person. RACIST VIEWS OR RHETORIC WILL NOT BE TOLERATED HERE!!!
•We are not advocating or promoting the removal of any person from his or her elected office.

 We are not and do not have affiliations with Max "Gladiator" Fairchild, the WashingtonStateMilitia.ning site or WSM Facebook pages!


You may be saying, "what can I do?" or "I don't have any training for that!" We understand. This group is unlike anything you've probably ever experienced. It requires you to ask more of yourself, to learn new skills, and to take the path less traveled. It requires courage, integrity, and strength of character. In this group you will be charged with defending your fellow man, helping those in need, facing disaster and taking a stand when it is much easier to do nothing.

Even if you're located outside the TriCities, we can point you in the direction of an active group nearest to you. The 42nd FF currently has 12+ counties with active civil defense and militia type groups in the coalition.


It is necessary that you add this E-mail address to your contact list to avoid our response E-mail from being forwarded to your SPAM folder. Thank you!


Title 38 of the Revised Code of Washington deals with Militia and Military Affairs. This is a few of the pertinent RCW's, you may also view the entire RCW Title 38.

38.04.030 - Composition of the Militia

 The militia of the state of Washington shall consist of all able bodied citizens of the United States and all other able bodied persons who have declared their intention to become citizens of the United States, residing within this state, who shall be more than eighteen years of age, and shall include all persons who are members of the national guard and the state guard, and said militia shall be divided into two classes, the organized militia and the unorganized militia.

38.08.050 - Governor may call out unorganized Militia

Governor may order out unorganized militia. In event of, or imminent danger of, war, insurrection, rebellion, invasion, tumult, riot, resistance to law or process of breach of the peace, if the governor shall have ordered into active service all the available forces of the organized militia of Washington and shall consider them insufficient in number to properly accomplish the purpose, he or she may then in addition order out the unorganized militia or such portion thereof as he may deem necessary, and cause them to perform such military duty as the circumstances may require.